Between 2008-2013 Studio Total was an advertising agency. We tried to make interesting advertising. We earned money, won awards and was actually ranked among the worlds top new agencies.


Then one day the opposition in Belarus asked if we could help them get attention to their situation. We said sorry, we don't do things like that. They told us about how one of their friends had been tortured. You could say they forced our hands.


After a campaign* that brought down two generals and the Belarus minister of defence (read here) we realised there might be more potential in "advertising" than we had imagined, so we shut down the agency.


Because of our wonderful clients* that took some time, but now it's done.








Per will go on to work with storytelling in "The Tale Studio".
Eric will work with the NSID while Hannah, Tomas and Linda (Per joins to keep the rest out of trouble)heads out to a grand adventure in a new TV-series.¬†(Most likely they all end up killed or even worse: broke!)

Maria will keep on being the one that makes it all work (from a beach somewhere zipping Pims).


If you are interested in participating in any of our further adventures, send an email.


* Thank you all wonderful people we've had the opportunity to work with. Studio Total has never received any money from government or NGO:s. All our work has been self-funded, or put differently: funded by our clients. Thank you, Iittala, Micasa, Procordia, Malm√∂ Opera, Vendooo and everyone before you. 






DISCLAIMER: We at Studio Total like to break international law, fly airplanes, burn money and dress up like Caravaggio. Some people get upset over this, which is good because nothing beats a bad reputation. Welcome to join us. It's a chance to change the world, and the best "job" there is.